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Rabinowitz. Moderate to the severe use of information technology was associated with a delay in initiation of sleep Table. Statistical analysis The data were coded for the computer analysis and Statistical Package for Social Science.0 version (2008) was used to carry out the analysis of the quantitative data. The future work can focus on exploring the psychosocial correlates among subjects with psychological problems, caregiver issues related to the handling of addictive use of information technology as well as evolving the intervention for the promotion of the healthy use of technology. Problematic internet use among youth. All the figures have been rounded off to two decimal places and for the level of significance probability level.05 and.01 are used.

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Frequency and percentage vary significantly in every category. Internet addiction: Symptoms, evaluation, and treatment. 3, 8 Individuals with social anxiety reported a greater feeling of comfort and self-disclosure when socializing online compared to face-to-face communication. A similar trend was corroborated by other studies. Average time spending per day on the internet showing a positive correlation with the mobile phone, Internet, videogame, and pornography addiction. Indian Council of Medical Research Funded Unpublished Work; 2013.

Sex Addict Compulsivity 2005;12:3-18. Conflicts of interest There are no conflicts of interest. 32 min, siAllAsspt1 28 sec. J Sex Marital Ther 2013;39:394-409. 1, 2 Public health concerns are emerging concerning app voor snel sex Oss the propensity of compulsive Internet use developing into pathological behaviors.